BESTCO - Bailiff & Enforcement Services Training & Consultancy

In the current climate, all businesses are finding things hard and cash flow is often very tight. A lot of companies are, as we often encounter, robbing Peter to pay Paul, just to stay afloat.

Many of our client companies have a sound business plan, however this is often scuppered by the odd customer who has outstanding invoices. 

Where this used to be an occasional  blip in the business finances, this situation is becoming more and more common and clients businesses are feeling a detrimental pressure to continue trading.

Solicitors are often employed by businesses to litigate with their 'bad payers' and this in turn incurs the client in further losses, before they may see any return, often the companies that owe the money eventually cease trading and the client has only incurred more costs and losses.

We at BESTCO have a tried, tested and successful service that can assist our clients in remedying their revenue shortfalls and optimising their potential

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